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With all of the stressors in today's world, it is very common to experience depression, anxiety, and stress . Dealing with such difficulties can impact relationships, careers, general well-being, and many other life areas. Counseling can help to address these concerns through an individualized process that you enter into with your therapist.  

Perhaps you are looking for counseling for your child. Children can be greatly impacted by transitions, family conflict, difficulties in school, trouble with peers, and many other stressors. Often times children and teens don't know how to process all of these experiences and feelings. You may have noticed he or she is less energetic, doing poorly in school, appearing anxious or depressed, or other changes in their usual personality and behaviors. 

If any of this sounds familiar, counseling may be a good option for you, or your child, at this time. I am a licensed mental health counselor who focuses on individual counseling for children and adults. I personalize counseling to focus on your needs and encourage you to begin a process of change that aims to help you reach your individualized goals. I offer a comfortable environment to explore and process experiences and feelings while helping to develop effective coping skills.

Services Provided:

  • Individual Counseling (Children, Adolescents, and Adults)

  • SPACE Treatment (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions)

    • Learn more here

  • Clinical Supervision

    • For clinicians looking to meet their licensure requirements

    • Experienced in helping clinicians build their private practices along with providing clinical supervision.

  • Consultation

    • Available for workshops and group work in the community (or office) surrounding a variety of topics

Specialty areas include:

  • Adjustment - change in relationships, school transitions, family changes

  • Anxiety - generalized anxiety/stress, panic/phobias

  • Depression

  • Mindfulness

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